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4 spots to watch sunsets in Prince George

Whether it is winter, summer, spring or fall, it’s fair to say that Prince George gets more than its fair share of beautiful sunsets. There are many picturesque locations around the city that are well suited to take in the sunset. Here are four great locations I find perfect to watch and photograph sunsets.

The Nechako River (Foothills Bridge)

As you look up the Nechako River from the Foothills area, the river is pointing directly towards the sunset. A new city park just north of the Foothills Bridge provides parking and benches great for viewing the passing river as the sun drops. A short stroll under the Foothills overpass gives an unobstructed view of the sun as it seemingly drops into the Nechako River. As a bonus, this spot offers a beautiful reflection of the setting sun as well.

Buckhorn Lake Rec Site

The Buckhorn Lake rec site is a quiet little site that houses a couple of fire pits and picnic tables. The sun cruises across the lake on its way to the treed horizon line. A fire and the picnic table make the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy the light show of Mother Nature.

Wilkins Regional Park

Wilkins Regional Park sits on the shores of the Nechako River in the Miworth area. It’s a large park with a covered seating area, a boat launch and a trail network to roam. This is a spot with wide open views spotted by tall cottonwood trees and a large access area to the Nechako River. To get there, take Otway Road West for about 11 km, then turn right onto Wilkins Road and follow it to the end.

McMillan Creek Regional Park

The cutbanks along the Nechako River from McMillan Park are my final favourite for taking in sunsets. This spot has an easy walk-in with great views of the downtown and the Nechako River. There are several trails throughout the forested park. To find McMillan Creek Regional Park, take Highway 97 North a few kilometres up from the Cameron Street Bridge, then turn left on Hofferkamp Road.

There are many more beautiful spots in Prince George to view the sunset, but these are some of my favourites. Please be respectful of the neighbourhoods as you drive through them on your way and respect the space when you’re there by leaving no trace.

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